Why Not?


Sadly, our dining room is never used. The table has become my preferred station for folding laundry and the dog's hiding spot when she's stolen and chewed another sock to bits. The kids really wanted a fun Halloween House this year and secretly so did I so we decided to stage the decor in the lonely space. Thanks to photos of passed relatives, a trip to Michael's and some old white sheets the transformation has begun. All are thrilled, but now I will return to the basement to fold...with the real spiders.


Life in the Middle


Whether or not you are a middle child sandwiched between a bold older sister and an active younger brother, we've all felt stuck. Searching for that "thing" that will set us apart from everyone else, that thing that will get us noticed. What we have lost sight of, however, is that you don't really need to DO anything to be noticed. You just have to BE. Be kind, be generous, be open to the world around you. Be observant and appreciative of nature and all it's glorious colors and textures.

Middle Child- we see you every minute of every day. We see your potential, your sweet soul and your beautiful, creative mind. Your gift and your real talent is that you outshine everyone around you by just being you.

What I Learned This Week

If you have children in public school you can relate to the anxiety of PSSA (Pennsylvania System School Assessment) season. My youngest, Holt, is happy he is allowed to chew gum while tested but the girls both battled terrible colds and would rather have stayed in bed. They did, however, tell me in detail at the end of each day exactly what was being tested. That gave me hope. Sara, 14, shared this poem with me. It spoke to her because she thought it sounded like something I would photograph. When your teenager thinks of you exactly the way you want to be known...priceless. So I will share it with you in hopes that you enjoy your journey until you too are at your peak of ripeness and that along the way you stop to appreciate how beautiful life is.


Carolyn Miller

Although I watched and waited for it every day,
somehow I missed it, the moment when everything reached
the peak of ripeness. It wasn't at the solstice; that was only
the time of the longest light. It was sometime after that, when
the plants had absorbed all that sun, had taken it into themselves
for food and swelled to the height of fullness. It was in July,
in a dizzy blaze of heat and fog, when on some nights
it was too hot to sleep, and the restaurants set half their tables
on the sidewalks; outside the city, down the coast,
the Milky Way floated overhead, and shooting stars
fell from the sky over the ocean. One day the garden
was almost overwhelmed with fruition:
My sweet peas struggled out of the raised bed onto the mulch
of laurel leaves and bark and pods, their brilliantly colored
sunbonnets of rose and stippled pink, magenta and deep purple
pouring out a perfume that was almost oriental. Black-eyed Susans
stared from the flower borders, the orange cherry tomatoes
were sweet as candy, the corn fattened in its swaths of silk,
hummingbirds spiraled by in pairs, the bees gave up
and decided to live in the lavender. At the market,
surrounded by black plums and rosy plums and sugar prunes
and white-fleshed peaches and nectarines, perfumey melons
and mangos, purple figs in green plastic baskets,
clusters of tiny Champagne grapes and piles of red-black cherries
and apricots freckled and streaked with rose, I felt tears
come into my eyes, absurdly, because I knew
that summer had peaked and was already passing
away. I felt very close then to understanding
the mystery; it seemed to me that I almost knew
what it meant to be alive, as if my life had swelled
to some high moment of response, as if I could
reach out and touch the season, as if I were inside
its body, surrounded by sweet pulp and juice,
shimmering veins and ripened skin.


Shannon Zimolong Designs

After moving into my new house I am so happy to add another talented designer to the list of those that inspire me. Shannon Zimolong, you are off to an amazing start! 

Recent Favorites

The last month has brought a ton of activity. Here are a few favorites from recent sittings.